With Netflix increasing its price per month and paying for every other company’s own streaming platform, subscription fatigue and forgetfulness may be kicking in. Consumers can resolve to get a handle on their subscription payments across the board.

To do so, PCMag looked at apps like Truebill, Mint, Bobby, Subby, TrackMySubs, Subscro, and how to manage subscriptions directly on iOS or Android devices. Chandra Steele with PCMag.com says the majority of apps they reviewed allows users to set a monthly budget and create alerts for upcoming payments.

Services that often require payment through the apps include buying new subscriptions, canceling unwanted subscriptions, and ‘bill negotiation’ on your behalf. Some apps require users to sync their bank account to note completed payments and offer savings on subscriptions which can be put aside in a savings account.
Some apps may also require financial information in order to recommend these savings opportunities, debt reduction solutions, and bill negotiation services for subscriptions in a users’ portfolio.

To learn more about how to track and manage your paid subscriptions, check out PCmag.com’s full story here.