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DENVER — It’s been a tough road for Spartan, a dog from Westminster who was starving and emaciated when he was relinquished by his owner in March.

But life is getting easier for him. On Tuesday afternoon, Spartan was stable enough to walk out of the hospital and move into a foster home.

The boxer has undergone surgery and had been in critical condition for days. Surgeons removed a foreign object that was blocking his bowels and inserted a feeding tube to help him gain weight.

A nutritionist has been working to help him increase his food intake, but his body had a hard time processing the nutrients, according to Hobo Care Boxer Rescue.

On Tuesday morning, a blood test revealed he’s low on magnesium but other than that, things looked good.

The organization has been caring for Spartan since he was brought to them in severely malnourished condition. The organization admits donations are needed as surgery and medical care have been expensive.

Spartan could be up for adoption in a few weeks. His former owner has been charged with animal cruelty and animal neglect.