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FREDERICK, Colo. — Who knew burger joints were so controversial?

In Frederick, which has a population of about 12,000 people, the idea of a Sonic drive-thru coming has outraged enough citizens to prompt a recall election.

Other factors including dipping into the town reserves and new apartment complexes are also a reason for the election. Four trustees and the mayor are up for a recall.

“Frederick is a typical small-town community,” said Rusty O’Neal, a candidate trying to replace the current mayor. “A Sonic is  bad because of its distance to the residential community.”

O’Neal has emphasized “responsible growth” for the town, not wanting it to lose its charm.

“People didn’t move here for chain restaurants,” O’Neal said.

Mayor Tony Carey said “you cannot stop growth now,” adding “high school kids across the street are very excited that Sonic is coming.”

Carey does not regret his vote approving Sonic, saying Frederick is capable of adding restaurants and maintaining its charm.

“As we morph away from being a bedroom community and we bring a higher sales tax base to town, we can use that money to build parks and amenities,” Carey said.

The election will cost the town around $20,000 and the ballots have been mailed. Results are expected Sept. 5.