Sneaky storm brings icy and slow morning commute

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DENVER — Warm streets and a few late night flakes of snow made for a tough morning rush hour Tuesday because the snow turned to ice as the snow kept falling.

The combination snarled traffic on the way into downtown during the commute.

As a result of low snow totals last year and so far this year, many of us have forgotten the keys to driving on snow.

The folks at Excel Driving School were busy teaching students how to go on ice and snow, but took us out for a refresher course on what to do on days such as this one.

Dick Moritz owns the school and says some techniques have changed due to all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and ABS braking systems in vehicles.

“We used to teach turn into the skid, now we say point the car where you want it to go,” said Moritz. “We say let ABS brakes do their thing while keeping the rear wheels from locking up. And when steering, just try to keep heading straight, don’t rack the wheel all the way toward the skid.”

All over metro Denver, many had to just calm down on the way into work or whatever destination they wanted to reach. Many seemed to have totally “spaced” on what to do with snow on the roads.

Starting for work early is a simple option to being late, but while trying to remember how to drive on the icy snow, it’s always good to make sure you have decent tread on your tires and fluid in your wiper reservoir.

If you have never driven on snow and ice, today was a good prep course in Colorado winters. The morning rush was a mess, and the evening rush was not as big of a challenge.

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