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LONGMONT, Colo. — Authorities are investigating the fourth fatal skydiving accident in the past year at a Colorado airport.

The family identified the latest victim as 29-year-old Frisco resident Brock Barto. They noted that he was an avid skydiver with an inspiring passion for the sport.

Longmont police Sgt. John Wederquist says rescue crews responded Saturday to reports of a man who apparently misjudged his landing and hit the ground hard.

Photo: Barto family

Barto was pronounced dead at a hospital. The Federal Aviation Administration plans to investigate the death.

It’s the fourth death of a skydiver in the past year from flights taking off from the Vance Brand Municipal Airport 38 miles north of Denver.

Skydiving instructor and videographer Patrick Gire of Denver died June 17 from complications stemming from a September accident.

Two skydivers also died in separate falls in October and May.