Ski season is just around the corner and now is the time to get in shape for the slopes


Ski season is almost upon us, and we’re all a little excited for the slopes.

Skiing and snowboarding is a sport that can be super tiring though, we aren’t always using those muscles. And that first day of the season is pretty brutal.

Will Hayne, GM and Planet Fitness Trainer at the Littleton location shares us some stretches and exercises that can help with your skiing performance and also help to prevent injury:

Side Leg Raises – good dynamic stretch, activate hip flexors

“Grapevine” step exercise, another good dynamic stretch, will get the heart rate up a little, further stretch the hip flexors

Standing Single Leg Hip Rotation – gluten, hip abductors, core strength and stability

Body Squats – legs and core strengthening

Knee Raises (regular standing, vs on bosu ball, vs w/ski boots on)
– Good dynamic stretch, pre workout or pre skiing

Walk backwards on inclined treadmill for a couple minutes
– Activate quads, not easy
– Or lunges – watch depth with age

Bosu balancing
– Standing on it (flat vs bouncy side)
– Leaning side to side on bouncy side

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