It’s finally time to start thinking about summer travel plans again! No matter where you’re headed this summer, chances are your travels will include a long car or plane ride – maybe even both. It’s no secret that traveling for a long period of time can leave muscles feeling stiff and sore.

Allie Manzi and Andrea Schott with StretchLab shares a few stretch suggestion while traveling to keep your body from getting tensed.

Next time you’re on the road try these simple moves:

Lower back — Sit upright with your shoulders back and then slowly rotate your shoulders to the left. Use your right hand on the outside of your left knee to further extend the stretch. Slowly come back to center, and then rotate to the right. This time use your left hand on the outside of your right knee to further extend the stretch.
Chest & shoulders – Interlock your fingers and reach up above your head; then gently push your hands and elbows backwards. Don’t forget to include a few deep breaths and a couple of ankle rotations, and you’ll feel a lot better for it
Hips & legs – Bend your right knee and place your left ankle on it, creating a “four” with your legs. Slowly fold at the hips while keeping your left foot flexed. Take a couple deep breaths while in this position before repeating on the opposite side.