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There are many steps parents need to do before sending their kids back to the classroom. From school supply to making sure their health records are up today. Dr. Steven Loomis is a Medical Advisor to Th Vision Council says parents need to make sure their vision is checked out as well.

Today most kids are on their digital devices, from tablets to phone and video games so digital eye strain is an issue that seems to be a major concern.

Digital eye strain is the physical discomfort felt by many individuals after two or more hours in
front of a digital screen. Symptoms can vary, but digital eye strain typically manifests itself as dry, red or irritated eyes. You can also experience blurred vision, fatigued eyes and shoulder pain.

There’s no solution to digital eye strain, but there are a few simple lifestyle changes you can implement to alleviate the symptoms including limit screen time and schedule an eye exam to determine the best solution.

According to Dr. Loomis, now is the perfect time to get in with your vision doctor before the start of the school year to make sure their vision is where it needs to be. Don’t wait for your child to tell you they can’t see.