DENVER (KDVR) — Grammy Award-winning DJ Skrillex is coming to Red Rocks in Colorado this summer, but the sale of tickets was marred by issues two weeks ago.

Now, AEG Presents Rocky Mountain says it is planning to rerelease “a significant number” of tickets that were bought fraudulently during the initial sale.

The exact number of tickets being rereleased isn’t clear, but the venue itself holds just under 10,000 attendees.

Fans on the Skrillex subreddit page reported major issues during the initial sale on March 31 and the need to resort to buying tickets secondhand.

“The worst part is I’ll probably end up giving some scalper money cuz I cant miss this show,” one user wrote.

“Sold out in 30 seconds. I was in IMMEDIATELY and there was nothing left,” another said.

“Bots got them all. Had 2 laptops 2 iPhones and a iPad to try to get something and didn’t get a single one,” a third Reddit user posted.

In a message posted to Instagram Skrillex said, ”Our team has worked to address the bots and scalper activity during the on-sale for my Red Rocks concert on April 29th and we’ve been able to recover some of the tickets and get them back in the hands of you, the fans. In order to do this, we’ve set up a registration for FAIR AXS.”

FAIR AXS, a program similar to Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan system, will allow fans to register for the tickets ahead of the new sale and a random drawing will take place to select people who will have the opportunity to buy tickets.

Skrillex previously played Red Rocks nearly a decade ago in 2014. One fan on Reddit called that, “One of the best shows I’ve been to.”

Registration opened Tuesday and runs through noon Thursday.