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AURORA, Colo. — Pierce O’Farrill’s message of forgiveness has gone from the hospital to the House of God.

Speaking before fellow church members at “The Edge” in Aurora, he once again preached the message of forgiveness. 

“I forgive you and can I pray with you?  Can I tell you a little bit about who Jesus is?” he said when asked what words he had for the suspected gunman. 

The 28-year-old was shot three times. A friend he was with was also shot. 

More than a week later, O’Farrill is now able to walk without the help of a crutch. 

“I definitely knew, from the second he walked in that something wasn’t right.  There was this dark, evil presence, and literally it was like time stopped for me,” he says of the early morning shooting.

O’Farrill works at the Denver Rescue Mission and hopes to return to work someday soon.

He says, because of fatigue, he probably won’t be at the suspected shooter’s next court appearance, Monday morning in Arapahoe County.