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AURORA, Colo. — An Aurora 6-year-old is getting national attention for repeating lyrics of a pop song to a fellow classmate.

D’Avonte Meadows, a first grader at Sable Elementary School, is accused of sexual harassment and was suspended for three days after singing the lyrics of LMFAO’s smash hit “Sexy and I Know It” to a 6-year-old female classmate.

According to the school, this was the third time D’Avonte Meadows harassed the girl.

“When I talked to the principal she said the first time it was the shaking of the buns, and then she said he was lifting his shirt,” D’Avonte’s mother, Stephanie told us.

“(The girl) cried when I said the words,” D’Avonte says of the most recent time he got in trouble.

News of D’Avonte’s case has sparked a worldwide conversation on the web.

“So many people are outraged that a six-year-old would be charged with this kind of thing at school without a full comprehension of what it exactly means,” says Stephanie.

She says her son was just trying to express himself.

“It’s more that he doesn’t know how to show affection to a person of the opposite sex (whom) he might like. But (he) doesn’t know what’s going on.”

Aurora Public Schools responded with these two statements:

“Aurora Public Schools believes that all students are entitled to pursue their education in school-related environments that are free of sexual harassment, bullying and disruptions. It is APS policy to investigate and deal appropriately with offending students when complaints of such offensive behavior are made.”

In response to the story’s popularity on the Internet, the school added;

“A student would not be suspended for merely singing a song. If actions warrant we would consider suspending a student to emphasize the seriousness of the actions and to prevent further inappropriate behavior toward another student.”

The school has agreed to consider changing the charges from “sexual harassment” to “harassment” due to the child’s age. If he is found guilty of sexual harassment it would remain on his permanent school record.