Sentimental statue set up for funeral stolen from church during service


Suspect takes motorcycle statue during funeral

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FORT LUPTON, Colo. — Rusty Rosales was Russel Rosales’ firstborn son. He died unexpectedly in October of a heart attack.

His father said he loved motorcycles and when they held his memorial service at St. William’s Church in Fort Lupton, they set up some pictures and a statue of a motorcycle that they gave Rusty years ago.

Rosales said during the middle of the service, someone came into the church and stole the statue.

He said it isn’t worth much money but has a lot of sentimental value to the family. Surveillance pictures show a young boy entering the church with an adult woman, looking at the memorial and then going toward the back of the church to the crying room.

A few minutes later, the boy comes back into the lobby area, picks up the motorcycle statue and walks out the door. The woman follows moments later.

Rosales said no one at the service recognizes the boy or the woman. But he hopes someone does and calls police.

“It’s the idea of how they did it and when they did it that’s pretty cold to me,” he said.

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