HIV-positive man accused of housing underage runaways rearrested

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WESTMINSTER, Colo. — An HIV-positive man arrested in 2015 for allegedly housing underage gay runaways in exchange for sex is in legal trouble again.

Sean Crumpler, 50, is back in the Arapahoe County Jail after the FBI’s Innocence Lost Task Force said he violated bond conditions.

Crumpler is scheduled to go on trial in April for 21 counts related to sex trafficking and sexual assault on a child.

He had been free on a $100,000 bond but was rearrested Jan. 6 after investigators discovered Crumpler allegedly paid for a hotel room in Westminster for two 21-year old men and two 17-year old boys.

In September 2015, Crumpler was asked if he could “be trusted to use the internet only for work?”

Crumpler didn’t respond, but a judge made it clear Crumpler was only supposed to use the internet for work-related reasons and was to have no contact with minors.

Arapahoe County prosecutors say Crumpler has violated both of those conditions and they want his bond raised to $500,000.


On Jan. 5, FBI agents showed up the Cottonwood Suites Hotel in Westminster to arrest Coddie Favala and Ricardo Barron Jr. for outstanding warrants related to human trafficking.

Both men are 21 and both are suspected of being in a sexual relationship with Crumpler.

When agents entered hotel room 223, they found the men and two 17-year old boys, and they “were all completely naked,” according to court documents.

Investigators described the room as being in complete disarray.

“Trash, unopened condoms, female wigs and makeup all over the room,” according to prosecutors.

The two underage boys told detectives that Crumpler paid for everything and was putting them up in the hotel for 10 days until he could get them an apartment.

On Jan. 6, police arrested Crumpler as he was driving away from a house in Thornton where he had been living as a registered sex offender.

Both 17-year-old boys told detectives they did not have sex with Crumpler but admitted he knew they were underage.

One said Crumpler spoke about his upcoming trial.

“He has been wanting to cherish what he has now, and stated he could be going to jail for life, or may get out in 12 years on ‘appeal,'” according to prosecutors.

Crumpler has a bond hearing Tuesday afternoon where prosecutors are expected to ask a judge to increase his bond from $100,000 to $500,000 with the same conditions he has been accused of violating.

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