Scientist: North Korea’s latest missile test could reach Denver, other major U.S. cities

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DENVER — North Korea conducted its 12th missile test this year on Friday, and based on reports, it could easily reach Denver and the West Coast of the United States.

North Korea launched the missile on a highly lofted trajectory, David Wright of the Union of Concerned Scientists wrote.

Reports indicated the ground range of the test was about 620 miles and the maximum altitude was 2,300 miles.

“If those numbers are correct, flown on a standard trajectory the missile would have a range (of) 6,500 miles, not taking into account the rotation of the Earth,” Wright wrote.

The rotation of Earth increases the range for missiles. Wright calculated the range of the missile of some major U.S. cities, including Denver, Los Angeles and Chicago.

“It is important to keep in mind that we do not know what payload the missile carried on this test,” Wright wrote. “If it was lighter than the actual warhead the missile would carry, the ranges would be shorter than those estimated.”

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