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DENVER –As expected, Democrats on the House Education Committee killed off a proposal to giveColorado’s schools and colleges legal cover to have teach creationism and to question scientific evidence of global warming in the classroom.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Stephen Humphrey, R-Severance, who campaigned on a promise to fight liberalism by bringing a “constitutional conservative” measure to Denver.

Humphrey, who is also the sponsor of a bill to ban abortion in Colorado that was heard last week (the inevitable vote to kill that bill has been postponed), declined a FOX31 Denver request for an on-camera interview prior to the Monday afternoon hearing.

Instead, he issued a statement.

“This bill is not a curriculum change that would force educators to teach intelligent design or creationism,” he said. “It simply provides legal protections to those teachers who would like to provide their students with a complete education on both the strengths and weaknesses of these hotly debated scientific subjects.”

H.B. 1089 called on public schools and colleges to create an environment for students to encourage scientific questioning and be able to respond respectfully to differences of opinion on “controversial issues in science education.”

The measure failed on 6-7 party-line vote.