Sandy Hook students to sing at Grammy’s; are they being exploited?

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Is Hollywood exploiting the students from Newtown?

That’s what many are saying after a producer announced a group of students from Sandy Hook Elementary would be featured on E! Entertainment Television’s pre-show for the Grammy’s.

It’s being reported they’ll be singing the hit song “Call Me Maybe.” The appearance comes just days after another group of students from the school sang alongside Jennifer Hudson at the Super Bowl.

Slade Sohmer of may have spurred the debate with this tweet.

Sohmer spoke about his tweet on CNN’s “Out Front” Wednesday.

“Is this exploitative? In some ways yes,” Sohmer said. “Maybe it doesn’t meet the classic definition of exploitation because this could be considered mutually beneficial. But if you really want to do something for these kids, maybe you send Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen to the school. And you do so quietly, for the kid’s sake, not your own.”

Sohmer was a step behind Toni Monkovic, who wrote this in the New York Times after the Sandy Hook’s Super Bowl performance:

“The Super Bowl is more than a game; it’s a national event. But is there a touch of exploitation in the move? Maybe even a hint of political commentary?”

Also speaking with “Out Front,” Monkovic elaborated, talking about the debate that is taking place on gun control throughout the country. She believes these students are becoming pawns in that debate.

“Families in Newtown want that debate on gun control,” Monkovic said. “They don’t want people to forget about a tragedy that took the lives of 20 children. Having their children singing and remind and honoring their classmates is a perfect way to remind people of that tragedy.”

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