Bailey Burns is an Aerospace System Engineer and Rubik’s Ambassador who also happens to be a 3rd generation Colorado name and graduate from Colorado School of Mines.

Bailey just conducted a pretty neat science experiment by testing the hypothesis of can you solve a Rubik’s Cube in Space. The answer is yes, and Bailey was able to solve a Rubik’s Cube at 1G, 2G and Zero G in 19 seconds.

Bailey love for the Rubik’s Cube started in the 7th grade when her math teacher asked if she wanted to learn during her lunch period. Now, she’s find solving the Cube to be relaxing and it helps her think more clearly when she has a problem to solve or when she’s just relaxing at home.

During a parabolic flight, which simulates the zero gravity conditions in space you only have about 20 seconds at zero G. Bailey says that solving the cube at 32,000 feel was one of the most challenging things she’s ever done. She had to focus on what her hands were doing while her body was also in motion.

Bailey’s tip to those who want to try to solve the Cube? She says to stay with it and never give up.