BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — Runners heading to the BOLDERBoulder on Monday will have to find an alternate way to get there as the Regional Transportation District has suspended all special event services at this time, including the RunRide option.

“I was a little disappointed RTD wasn’t doing their ride,” Matt Adams, who lives in Longmont and is running the race Monday said.

Adams isn’t the only runner who depended on the service for the past several years. Brian Schmalstich, who also is from Longmont has used the RunRide service in the past. He was also disappointed the service wouldn’t be there for the 2022 race.

“They pick you up about five minutes from where I live. Make a few stops and drop you right at the start line. It would then pick you up at the finish line outside the stadium and take you back to Longmont,” Schmalstich said.  

Schmalstich said his concern for this Monday’s race will be where to park, how far he will have to walk to get to the start line and eventually return back to his car.

“I usually take the shuttle, that was very nice,” Schmalstich said.

Schmalstich said he remembers paying around $9.00 to get to and from the run on RTD and hopes cost wasn’t the reason they stopped services for this year.

“If they charged more I would still do it,” Schmalstich said.

Cliff Bosley, the race director for the BOLDERBoulder stated, in part:

“We have worked with RTD for a long time, and we realize that their operations have also been affected and impacted. We will look at ways to work with them for the future. For 2022, we have increased the number and locations of parking spots available at CU and around town. Historically, many of our participants carpool, which is a very good way to get to the race. Additionally, we have modified our runner drop off areas for drivers, making it convenient to drop runners near the start area. Local and regional participants can ride their bike to the start or finish. For those riding to the start, there is also an option leave their bike at the Google Bike Parking Area at the start line, which opens at 6:00 a.m. For those who live close to the start area or close to the University of Colorado we encourage a nice warm up walk or jog to the start.”

RTD responded to our question on why the service wouldn’t be offered for the 2022 run:

“RTD implemented a pandemic service plan in April 2020. The pandemic service plan prioritizes mobility for essential workers and communities where ridership is high and service is needed the most. At this time based on RTD’s limited resources, RTD has opted not to reinstate RunRide since there are regular bus options for reaching Boulder outlined below.”

From Denver:    

Take the Flatiron Flyer (FF1) from Denver Union Station or any of the stations along US 36 to the Downtown Boulder Station. A simple transfer to local bus routes will take participants near the start line.   

In Boulder:   

Local bus routes will be operating; check RTD website for details as there will be race route detours:   

•             JUMP (closest stop to race stating line is at 28th/Arapahoe)    

•             BOUND (closest stop to race starting line is at 30th/Arapahoe)   

•             HOP (see the city of Boulder website for details)  

Helpful Tips   

•             Plan ahead and prepare for large crowds   

•             Purchase a round-trip fare when purchasing tickets at the ticket vending machines to avoid long lines after the race   

•             Download the RTD Mobile Ticketing app for easy, convenient fare purchase and storage   

•             Check the RTD website before you travel for schedules and to plan your trip to the race  

•             Check the RTD website for return trip options and to plan your trip home