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DENVER — Maintenance work shut down sections of multiple light rail lines that run through Denver this weekend.

The C, D, E, F and H lines north of the Interstate 25 Broadway station were closed for routine maintenance at northbound Speer Boulevard, RTD said.

The disruption began at 3 a.m. Friday and goes until 3 a.m. Monday. RTD officials said they’re doing upkeep on the tracks because in some parts, they are more than 20 years old.

Bus shuttle service will be provided to all the impacted stations north of the Broadway Station except to Union Station. The shuttles will be running during the weekend as long as the downtown lines are closed.

RTD recommends passengers headed downtown from the south plan extra time for their commute.

“A lot of people are gonna get stuck on these buses that are gonna take them from stop to stop, and it’s gonna take them a lot longer to get downtown,” passenger Samir Patel said. “Get here early. It’s gonna take you awhile to get in because the buses have to stop at each stop.”

About 13 stops will be affected.

The Alameda, 10th and Osage, and Auraria West stations will be affected between the I-25 and Broadway station and Union Station.

The Alameda, 10th and Osage, Colfax at Auraria, theater district/convention center, 16th and California, 18th and California (northbound), 16th and Stout (southbound), 18th and Stout (southbound), 20th and Welton, 25th and Welton, 27th and Welton, and 30th and Downing stations will be affected between the I-25 and Broadway and the 30th and Downing stations.

The B and W lines north of downtown, and the A Line to Denver International Airport were not be affected.