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DENVER — A big day for RTD’s commuter rail line between Union Station and Denver International Airport. Friday, federal safety officials were on board for crossing guard testing at the 12 intersections on the run out to DIA.

“We have worked with all the jurisdictions along the way and with Union Pacific, to make sure no matter what type of train is moving through the intersections, alarms and crossing arms work properly,” said RTD spokeswoman Tara Bettale.

The testing took place with trains going 45 mph on the A Line for the first time. But next week things ramp up as the big AC-powered trains will hit 79 mph.

One thing RTD wants the public to know is that on the entire length of the run, there will be no horns from the trains … Denver is a quiet zone … so they are encouraging motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists to make sure they pay attention to all safety signage displayed at crossings.

The public is reminded to:

  • Never trespass. Stay on public sidewalks and roadways only – it is not only illegal to trespass on train tracks, but it can be harmful (or even deadly) to you and others.
  • Always look both ways when getting ready to cross a train track, even if the red lights and gates are not activated.
  • Follow all warning signs and signals at the crossings.
  • If you see a train approaching, wait for the train to pass and the gates and lights to inactivate before you cross. Never try to beat a train.
  • RTD’s trains are powered by overhead electrical lines – do not touch the wires! Remember, if they are up, they are live with electricity and can cause serious injury or death.

See more safety information here.