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AURORA — A two-vehicle car crash on E-470 that closed several lanes killed a juvenile and injured two others Sunday afternoon.

It happened right before 4 p.m. on E-470 and Jewell. The car was travelling eastbound on E-470 when something happened to cause the car to spin around, roll over and end up in a ditch near 6th Parkway.

Initial reports via the Colorado State Patrol Twitter said there were reports of a serious injury crash that shut down multiple lanes of E-470 for investigation.

Since then, several of the lanes were reopened.

Police say a juvenile passenger was not wearing his or her seatbelt, was ejected from the car and was killed.

Another child and the adult male driver were also injured. The child was transported to Children’s Hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. The condition of the father is unknown.

The other child was transported to Children’s Hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.

“When you have injuries to a child involved in a crash where a parent was responsible for them in the car, you always look back and wish they had made some different decisions about how they were driving,” said Captain Jeff Goodwin with the Colorado State Police.

Another driver and vehicle was involved in the crash. That driver is safe and did not want to comment on camera.

Police are unsure as to what caused the collision. The investigation is ongoing.

The ages and identities of the injured parties were not released.

Police say drugs, alcohol and weather were not factors in this crash, but there will likely be charges for one or both of the drivers.