Rocky Ford cantaloupe season is finally here


The family farmers of the Rocky Ford Growers Association have been busy over the last couple of months planting and nurturing their world-famous melons.

Rocky Ford Cantaloupes will start rolling into grocery stores across Colorado this weekend. The ripest cantaloupes are picked daily through the growing season and will go from the field to the grocery store in about 12 hours. 

Brooke and Matt Proctor of Proctor Farm and the Rocky Ford Grower Association have been busy harvesting the latest crops of cantaloupe. Rocky Ford melons are picked ripe, unlike melons from other states, so they simply have the best flavor.

Here’s a tip from the pros – when you buy a fresh Rocky Ford Cantaloupe– don’t put it in the fridge– just set it on your kitchen counter. It’s good for about 3 days… and once it’s sliced up, you can store it in the refrigerator for another 3 days before it starts to lose firmness.  When you are ready to cut into your cantaloupe, give it a scrub with a produce brush while running it under water to rinse away any remaining dirt from the field. It helps to use a colander when cleaning. Then take a clean knife and between every slice rinse the knife.  Once you’ve got it all sliced up, cover any melon pieces you don’t eat and store them in the fridge. 

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