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HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — A Highlands Ranch high school has spent the last week raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. On Friday the students unveiled the final number in their fundraising quest. Rock Canyon High School raised $65,700.

Nearly 2,000 students banded together to rally for something much bigger than themselves. “To know that we are actually granting this kids’ wish, is amazing,” said Senior Caroline Skibness.

The school raised enough money to grant nine wishes, including 7-year-old Jeremy Griffin’s wish to go on a Disney Cruise.

A year ago Jeremy was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. His mom Jennifer said, “He had a tumor that completely took up his chest.”

Jeremy didn’t let his diagnosis defeat his sense of humor though. “Jeremy`s first wish was that it would rain hot dogs,” said Griffin. So it did. The students let hotdog shaped balloons rain on him like confetti.

Senior Tori Pavillard said, “He is so cool and funny and so unexpected. We asked him if he liked hot dogs and he said not really, I just want it to rain hot dogs.”

“There is not a school like Rock Canyon and Wish Week proves that,” said Pavillard.

“It just brings a tear to your eye every time you see it. These kids are absolutely amazing; what they do and the amount of money that they raise,” said Make-A-Wish CEO & President Joan Mazak.

Skibness said, “I think Make-A-Wish will be part of everyone`s at Rock Canyon`s life, forever.’

It certainly will be for the Griffin family. “All of us have been impressed with all of you. And I just want to say thank you,” said Jennifer.

Rock Canyon High School began Wish Week six years ago. Since then, they’ve raised $300,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.