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BOULDER, Colo. — Police in riot gear responded to reports of ‘rioting’ outside the Fox Theater Monday night as fans lined up for the Tyler the Creator concert.

Police later said this was not a riot, but there was a large police presence on scene to keep things from getting out of hand.

Police estimate a crowd of about 2,000 people waited to get inside to see the free concert.

Police said there may have been some altercations among people in the crowd but there were no conflicts between police or anyone in the crowd.

There was one arrest and one other person ticketed and released on brawling and resisting charges.

75 to 80 officers responded from Boulder police, Boulder County Sheriff’s Office and the University of Colorado police department.

The Boulder Daily Camera reported a sandwich shop owner was assaulted as he tried to clear a path into his store when the crowd grew larger and larger. He said the person who punched him ran off.

Police dispatchers reported bottles being thrown while officers from several agencies responded to the Hill.

FOX31 Denver’s Jim Hooley reported from the scene the situation had calmed down by 6:30 p.m. with a large police presence outside the Fox Theater.

Police said the crowd dispersed before 9 p.m. and officers demobilized.