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DENVER — A shooting at the Denver Mart’s Tanner Gun Show sent one man to the hospital and left another in handcuffs.

Investigators said a vendor was setting up their space, a gun accidentally discharged and the bullet hit another employee. The employee who was shot is expected to be OK.

Witnesses said the accidental shooting happened around noon Saturday.

“Sign right there says no loaded guns, and that applies to vendors as well as patrons that go in so I don’t know what happened,” said Mike Clements, a vendor set up outside the front doors of the Tanner Gun showroom.

“I mean, there’s signs all over stating no loaded guns,” said Jason Rovida, who was attending the show Saturday.

What happened, according to witnesses inside at the time, is a vendor either knowingly or unknowingly had a loaded weapon on him.

“I heard what sounded like a gunshot,” said Clements.

“I didn’t know if there was an explosion in the building, it was that loud,” said a lady who didn’t want to be identified, but said she was standing at the booth when it happened.

“I instantly hit the ground. I didn’t know you know,” Rovida said, not knowing what was happening at the time. He said he was just one isle over from where it happened.

“Someone was selling a .357 handgun and during the exchange from one to the other,” said Rovida.

“The gun went off, the guy that was shot started screaming,” Clements said.

“A blood curdling scream and then call 911,” said Rovida.

They said the victim was shot in the lower leg with a bullet from a .357 handgun. One woman said the victim was sitting in a chair bleeding and appeared to be in shock. Security and medics quickly rushed over.

“Somebody took a belt off, tourniquet above the knee and then they wrapped it with bandages,” Rovida said.

“My understanding is, they handcuffed the guy that shot the other one, took him off and paramedics took the other guy,” said Clements.

It was definitely, definitely intense,” said Rovida.

An intense and also surprising situation, even for those attending the gun show.

“You’re going into a facility that’s full of guns, full of people, the risk is there but you hope that measures are in place that it doesn’t happen,” said Rovida.

The Tanner Gun Show declined to comment on the situation, only saying the victim is expected to be OK.

The incident is being investigated by the Adams County Sheriff’s Department.

They have not returned our calls to find out if the man who accidentally fired the gun is in custody or expected to be charged. ​