Report: Germiest places in your kitchen

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A recent study found that certain places in your kitchen may surprise you as being the most likely to harbor germs such as E. coli and salmonella.

According to the New York Times, a report by the nonprofit health group NSF International found that areas people consider most likely to be contaminated, such as microwave keypads, were not nearly as germ-infested as surfaces like refrigerator ice and water dispensers, spatulas and blender gaskets.

Researchers went into the homes of 20 families and took swabs of common kitchen items in suburbs of Detroit and Ann Arbor, Mich.

The study revealed that among the dirtiest surfaces were the rubber seal at the base of blenders that help prevent leaks, as well as refrigerator and vegetable compartments.

Water and ice dispensers were also found to contain yeast and mold, while vegetable compartments harbored salmonella and Listeria. Spatulas produced swabs with yeast, mold and E. Coli.

NSF International microbiologist Lisa Yakas said the study’s findings suggest people who try to keep tidy kitchens are often overlooking some of the most problematic areas.

“What we really wanted to do was to just make them more aware of these places that they might not have even thought of,” Yakas said.

Read more about the study here.

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