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DENVER — The ongoing controversy involving  State Rep. Jovan  Melton, D-Arapahoe County, continues.

Melton is facing calls for his resignation after old arrest records involving two girlfriends became public.

The 2008 incident was dismissed, Melton pleaded guilty to harassment in the 1999 incident.

On Thursday, Jared Polis said he agreed with Democratic leaders regarding their decision to call on the fellow Democrat to resign.

Polis is the Democratic nominee for governor.

“I believe in consequences but I also believe in redemption,” Polis said. “I agree with Speaker Duran and Majority Leader Becker that he really should take a serious look at resigning.”

Defenders of Melton held and afternoon rally in support of the embattled representative.

Rep. Joe Salazar and former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb, both Democrats, voiced support for their colleague, criticizing Democratic leadership.

Melton has repeatedly denied any violence toward the women. Melton is facing re-election and remains on the November ballot.