Renaming Stapleton options down to the final 4



DENVER (KDVR) – The Stapleton community’s renaming effort moves to round 2, with Central Park, Concourse, Mosley and Skyview still in consideration.

Voting for Round 2 runs from July 20 to July 24 at 2p.m. Eligible voters must own or rent in Stapleton and be 18 or older.

Below is the list of names and descriptions as released by the Stapleton United Neighbors group:

Central Park – Central Park is a name well known in the community. It is physically central to the St*pleton area South of I-70. It abuts the iconic tower from the former airport. Denver has numerous neighborhoods named after the parks they surround, plus “Central Park” would evoke the Green Book, which was a foundational document for St*pleton. Finally, the name-change issue has been divisive for our community the last few years. It has sometimes brought out the best and worst in us and created tensions among neighbors. Central Park would be non-controversial, natural and drama-less, which is what our community could use right now.

Concourse – Concourse has several meanings relevant to the characteristics the community has expressed are valued for a new name. Definitions of concourse include:

  • An act or process of coming together and merging
  • Meeting produced by voluntary or spontaneous coming together
  • Open space where roads or paths meet and converge
  • An open space or hall (as in a railroad or airport terminal) where crowds gather
  • A flocking, moving, or flowing together of persons or streams, as in Westerly Creek and Sand Creek
  • From Latin concursus “gathering of a crowd, coming together,”
  • Also a loose French translation that means to reconstruct back to excellence. As in to restore a collector car.

Mosley – Mosley addresses many of the categories the Community has expressed a desire for in a new name. It is aviation-related, historically significant, geographically connected to the current area, business-friendly and inspirational. Mosley honors a family, not just one person. John Mosley was a Tuskegee Airman during World War II, who also helped draft the policies to racially integrate the new U.S. Air Force. He and his wife, Edna Wilson-Mosley were a team, married for 70 years and inseparable for 75. They were civil rights activists who broke the color barrier in Denver and Aurora by purchasing a home adjacent to what is now our community, and, in so doing, they fought the destructive segregationist practice of redlining. Edna was a co-founder of the highly successful Colorado Women’s Bank, to give women greater access to credit. As the first at-large city Councilperson of color in Aurora, Edna chaired the Transportation Committee, with DIA and the former airport, within its bailiwick. Their daughter spent 47 years as a United Airlines flight attendant flying out of the airport that is now our beloved community; two sons served in the U.S. Air Force, with one still flying for United. There are even multiple pilots among John and Edna’s grandchildren. As a single, two syllable word, Mosley would be an inexpensive and business-friendly replacement for Stapleton, easy for new logo and signage, and naturally pronounceable. Finally, the Mosley neighborhood name would be inspirational, as the simple act of its adoption would be a powerful and permanent positive step in uniting our community and surrounding neighbors, around the values we aspire to live by, here in our beautiful Denver home. Mosley is a name we can stand for.

Skyview – Whether watching fireworks along the Front Range, experiencing a blood moon from the sledding hill, or taking in a sunset or sunrise, viewing the celestial beauty that surrounds us draws us together in awe. In raising our heads up to take in our sky view, we are reminded of the enormousness of the universe and in the words of Carl Sagan, “For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.” For many, it is love of thy neighbor, and the desire for all who live and visit here to feel pride in the community that has brought about the change of name. From earliest days of aviation, the dream was to conquer the sky, extending the boundaries of human endeavor to transcend the adage, ‘the sky’s the limit’. Bringing together the nostalgia of historical air travel and aspirations of those early aviators can give us a name that aspires to give voice to values like diversity, sustainability and access. It is fitting to have a name that directs our thoughts upward to what can be. Through the name Skyview, may we feel a connection to each other and all of humanity. When we look at the sky, may we find the inspiration for the work that continues on the ground to make the future easier and brighter for each of us now, and for the next generation.

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