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MONUMENT, Colo. — Nearly two weeks after Dylan Redwine vanished without a trace, friends and family are hoping a prayer vigil will help keep the search for the missing teen alive.

Redwine, who vanished near the Vallecito reservoir in Southwest Colorado on November 19th, has become the center of attention for a state and federal task force trying to figure out if the teen was abducted or a runaway.

“It’s hard, right now we just want him home. At this point I don’t really care who did it as long as we can get him back safely,” said Eva Paredes, who is the missing teen’s aunt.

Over two dozen of Dylan’s cousins, classmates, and neighbors showed up for an informal gathering inside Monument’s Limbach Park Sunday night. Redwine’s Colorado Springs middle school, Lewis-Palmer, planned the vigil for the teen. 

Some of Dylan’s family members urged the public to continue to search for the missing teenager despite several days without new information from law enforcement.

Late last week, the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office issued a search warrant for Dylan’s father’s home in Vallecito Lake. Investigators have not released details about what, if anything, had been found inside the property. The sheriff’s office does not consider Dylan’s father a suspect in the disappearance, and called the effort a search and rescue mission.