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MORRISON, Colo. — Jefferson County and Denver City officials are listening after hearing noise complaints from residents who live near Red Rocks.

Friday night, they went to hear for themselves the pulse and bass coming from the first electronic dance music concert of the season since new noise rules went into effect.

Residents listened too and were pleasantly surprised.

Residents said Friday night’s concert was a big change from the EDM concerts in the past.

“Things do shake rattle and roll when they get cranked up,” Joe Tempel said.

“Tonight you can`t hear anything at all its actually pleasant,” Sherry Drobnitch said.

She’s lived in the same house in Morrison since 1975.

Drobnitch said normally the bass is booming so much that it drives her from her porch.

“When moved here there  wasn’t a problem,” she said. “It’s been last 10 years or so, constantly getting louder, louder and louder.”

The Mayor of Morrison, along with Jefferson County commissioner Casey Tighe, went door-to-door during the concert, listening to the faint EDM sounds reverberating from Red Rocks.

“Tonight was a positive night; very encouraging,” Tighe said. “The sound wasn’t too loud in the neighborhood. When we went to the venue, it seemed like people were having a good time. It seems like we found a good mix of sound in the venue and sound in the neighborhoods.”

New rules prohibit performers from exceeding 105 decibels after midnight on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends.

“Even during the early parts of the concert, they seem to have kept noise levels to a respectable level,” Tempel said.

Tighe said the City of Denver talked to the performer, letting the artist know about the new sound rules and that they would be monitoring.

It seems, at least on Friday night, they were heard.

But Jefferson County, the City of Denver and the Town of Morrison will still be keeping an ear out.

There are 11 more EDM concerts this season.