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WELD COUNTY, Colo. — Colorado’s Red Flag law has moved one step closer to becoming official in the state.

It would give law enforcement officers the authority to remove firearms from people who are either considered dangerous to themselves or others.

But Weld County Commissioners are considering a resolution that would make the jurisdiction a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. Supporters of the Red Flag Law say it will help save lives.

But Commissioners in Weld County say it’s unconstitutional.

Gunny Salas, The owner of Takticool Arms shop in Greeley, told FOX31 he welcomes the proposed sanctuary status.

“I don’t believe that there should be a law that allows an individual to claim that they should not own firearms and have those guns confiscated without due justice,”  said Salas.

If commissioners OK the status, the Weld County Sheriff would be allowed to ignore Red Flag laws.

The law would allow firearms to be taken from people considered a danger to themselves or others.

Supporters like Douglas County Sheriff say its needed.

“We’d have the opportunity to save lives we have the opportunity to do the right thing here.”

Democrats say the law will help prevent gun violence and suicide.

But State Representative Lori Saine is against the Red Flag Law and is pushing for sanctuary status in Weld County.“It is very poorly crafted and I have some fears that the fact that the due process is not there for these citizens greatly concerns us,” said Saine.

Others believe the law is too broad and unconstitutional.

Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer said, “I think they are just trying to hide behind a veil here. I think the real out behind this law is to be able to come in and have the ability to confiscate people’s firearms their private property.”

Gun Shop owner, Gunny Salas says he hopes commissioners approve the status.A few other counties have claimed Sanctuary status.

Representative Saine says there could be others. The Senate will now consider the Red Flag Law.