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DENVER – The Zachari Parrish Violence Prevention Act will remain just an idea in Colorado politics – at least for now.

Republican Senators defeated the measure following lengthy testimony in front of the State Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee Monday.

The “red flag” legislation would have allowed law enforcement and family members to go before a judge and ask for someone’s guns to be temporarily removed from someone’s home.

According to the proposed legislation, a formal hearing would then take place within 7 days in which the person whose guns were confiscated could ask for them back.

Earlier Monday, Republican Senate President Kevin Grantham said he believed the legislation lacked “due process” for gun owners.

Republican Senator Jerry Sonnenberg seemed to suggest the defeat would rally the base.

“I got the biggest round of applause saturday at the Lincoln day dinner in albert county when I talked about the red flag bill and its demise,” Sonnenberg said.

Supporters of legislation – like Bill Sponsor – Rep. Alec Garnett said he plans on bringing this back next year citing figures suggesting 81 percent of Coloradans support this bill.

Sheriff Tony Spurlock – who testified Monday in Committee – seemed to suggest politics was behind the defeat.

Colorado Ceasefire, a gun control group, wore red Monday to the hearing to still show support.

Eileen McCarron of Colorado Ceasefire said the following: “Everyone wants to make it known to the people of Colorado that whoever kills these bills today is ignoring the wishes of people of Colorado and leaving it so that people who are dangerous to themselves or others can continue to create mayhem in our community such as when Zachari parish was murdered on New Years Eve.”