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DENVER (KDVR) — What started as a peaceful rally in support of law enforcement on Sunday quickly devolved into violence.

Laurel Imer, the Republican nominee for House District 24 in Colorado, found herself caught in the middle of it all.

“Several people were carried off stage to ambulances. One of the leaders of the rally was attacked with a long board,” she said.

Imer was standing at the front of the stage right next to conservative commentator and blogger Michelle Malkin when the violence began.

Malkin began recording on her phone.

Imer, Malkin, and others were at the event to ‘back the blue,’ but they say on this day, ironically, Denver Police didn’t have their backs.

They claim officers watched as rally goers were assaulted.

“I believe they were neutered by the powers above them. That’s the words I would choose. They should have had an evacuation route, an egress,” Imer said.

Denver Police tell FOX31 they did intervene, even deploying pepper balls and a handheld fogger. Police also say they asked organizers to reschedule or move the rally to a safer location.

However, a Denver Police Department spokesperson says organizers weren’t swayed, claiming they had hired 200 security officers of their own.

However, Laurel Imer remains convinced police didn’t do enough. She suffered a sprained ankle and several bruises. Only one person was arrested.

“I think if the police had done their job properly they would have formed a line to allow us to have the rally. That is their first and sworn duty to American citizens, to protect all of us and they let us down,” she said.