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DENVER — Hundreds gathered at 24th and Welton Tuesday evening marching on the state capitol.

“I watched what was happening in Ferguson and decided I couldn’t sit any longer,” co-organizer Kenny Wiley said.

He and others took to social media asking sympathizers to peacefully assemble Tuesday evening for the mile-long march to the capitol. Hundreds of people turned out.

Denver police were watching.  Flanked by the police helicopter, police officers stood guard along the protest route closing down roadways allowing protestors to march.

Wiley conceded the march had no permit but said the rally didn’t need one as long as they complied with local traffic laws. Police closed intersections while the group passed to ensure their safety.

“We are here to show the people of Ferguson we stand with them,” Wiley said. He called the march the best half hour of his life.

Tuesday night, protestors did so peacefully.