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DENVER — KOA NewsRadio announced Thursday that host Steffan Tubbs will no longer be part of the station’s morning news program.

Tubbs was arrested on July 30  and has pleaded not guilty to domestic violence charges.

Tubbs, 48, has been a regular fixture on the station’s morning news show for nearly 12 years.

“Steffan Tubbs will no longer be part of Colorado’s Morning News on KOA. We appreciate all of his contributions during his time with us and wish him well,” said Tim Hager with iHeartMedia, the station’s owner.

“The morning show will continue on schedule with April Zesbaugh and guest host Ed Greene beginning the week of 8/14.”

Tubbs has been charged with domestic violence, disturbance via phone.

Legal expert David Beller said the charge means a suspect is accused of using a telephone to harass a victim.

Tubbs’ attorney stated in court that the alleged victim has two domestic violence cases pending where she is listed as the defendant and Tubbs is listed as the victim.

A judge agreed to release Tubbs on $250 bond, but ordered enhanced supervision — meaning he will have to check in with someone.

The judge granted an order of protection for the alleged victim, which is mandatory.

Tubbs is required to stay 100 yards away from the victim and cannot have any contact. He was also required to relinquish his firearms.

Tubbs also signed a waiver of extradition in case he flees the jurisdiction.

On Wednesday, Tubbs’ attorney filed a motion asking for permission to travel between Friday and Aug. 17, which the judge granted.

The disposition hearing is set for Sept. 15. The jury trial is scheduled to begin Oct. 18.