Quick thinking paramedics save 2-year-old stroke victim

Paramedics honored for saving 2-year-old stroke victim

Paramedics honored for saving 2-year-old stroke victim

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It was a typical day for 2-year-old Karina Wilson. While playing with friends, she fell down. “Two-year-olds aren’t real great in snow boots,” says Karina’s mother Sarah.

But then, Karina fell again.

“I saw her kind of fall back down and she tried to push herself up and at that point I knew something was weird.” says Wilson.

Not weird, but very rare.  A 2-year-old child was having a stroke.

“It is unusual.  Very unusual,” says paramedic James Hart. He was one of two Denver Health paramedics first on scene. “I took her from her mother, tried to have her stand with me for a moment.  She couldn’t stand, and at that point I looked at Randy and said, ‘hey Randy, we need to get moving.’”

And get moving they did. Paramedics Benish and Hart’s fast action was a key factor in Karina’s recovery.

“I think it was amazing,” says Karina’s mom Sarah.

James Hart and Randy Benish were honored, and hugged, at Denver Health by fellow workers and Karina’s parents.

Hart says being recognized for a job well done is great, but the real reward is watching little Karina walk to her parents.

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