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DENVER — Protesters wanting action on climate change braved the snow and cold Saturday to march through the streets of Denver. The march coincided with President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office.

“The issue is too vital, too urgent,” said Weldon Barker from Loveland.

“People really care. We’re Colorado. This is where it starts, you know,” said Rusty Connor, who came in Friday night from southeast Colorado to participate in the march.

They said they wanted to take on the Trump administration’s environmental policies. They’re protesting what they say is prioritizing economic growth over environmental concerns.

“Accept the fact that climate change is real and act accordingly because the time is now,” Barker said.

“We have some national monuments that are in danger of being repealed so that’s why we are here,” Connor said.

The People’s Climate March in Denver mirrored that of the one that took place in Washington and hundreds of other sister marches across the U.S.

“Look at this, it’s April 29th, it’s not unheard of for Colorado, I know, but it’s clearly a sign of climate change. They are marching in Washington in temperatures of 85 or 90 degrees. How much evidence do we need?” Barker said.

“The world we are living in is degrading before our eyes and time is running out.”

This protest continued the trend of heightened liberal activism since Trump took office earlier this year.

“I feel very energized and motivated for change,” Connor said.

“We have a moral obligation to leave a better world to the next generation,” Barker said.

Organizers hoped at least 2,000 people would show up for Saturday’s march, but several more than that attended.