DENVER (KDVR) – Frustrated and angry. That’s how demonstrators described their mood holding another protest against police brutality Saturday night outside of the State Capitol in Denver.

The protest and march came a day after the release of the Tyre Nichols video.

Demonstrators endured the drop in temperatures to take their message to the streets, marching eastbound on Colfax.

It was a protest of another incident involving police and a person dead by their hands, in America.

The march in Denver was peaceful and demonstrators were followed closely by Denver Police.

Despite their frustration, protestors said they needed to express their feelings about Tyre Nichols’ death.

“I guess it feels good to be doing it again because you’re doing something,” demonstrator, Amory Serna, said, “but it also feels bad to be doing it again because why hasn’t anything changed?”

“It’s frustrating having to see this happen again and again and have to take action, you know,” Luca Serna, another demonstrator, said, “whether it’s your personal life or at an event like this. It’s frustrating and it’s tiring but it needs to be done.”

On Friday, interim Denver police chief Ron Thomas, told FOX31 he’s glad to see that the officers involved in the Tyre Nichols incident will be held accountable, but urged citizens to stay peaceful in their protest.