Explosion at VA Hospital construction site rocks Aurora neighborhood

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AURORA, Colo. — An explosion was reported early Tuesday morning at the VA Hospital construction site in Aurora.

Aurora Fire confirmed just after midnight that a 1,000-pound propane tank exploded at the construction site, which is just off I-225 and just north of East Colfax Avenue on Fitzsimons Parkway. The ensuing fireball could be seen for miles, and it reportedly jolted a neighborhood close by.

“If you were anywhere near it at least a quarter of a mile around here, you could probably feel it and see it,” Aurora Police spokesperson Michael McClelland said.

The overnight security guard Jenn Burke told our Chris Jose that she was some 30 to 40 feet away from the explosion.

“There was a big fireball in the air and it sounded like it was raining,” Burke said. “But it was just debris that was coming down.”

But thankfully, Aurora Fire crews confirmed that the fire burned out on its own without causing any major damage or injuries. Crews said they did drop water on a second propane tank in the area to keep it from exploding, as well.

Police said the propane tanks are used to heat the building that construction crews are working on. The cause was still under investigation Tuesday morning.

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