Productivity tools for a successful school year and office space


It’s nearly back-to-school time! This fall marks an especially significant time of transition for kids and adults alike, as many resume in-person school and office attendance for the first time in months. We understand that the change in routine isn’t always easy, and FluidStance is here to set you up for success by giving you an office or homework setup tailored to your specific needs. By giving a little extra TLC to your space, you will have all the tools you need to conquer the day and your to-do list!

The human body was not designed to sit. Sitting at a desk may feel comfortable in the moment, but it can cause all sorts of health problems over the long term. Standing is better for us, but not if we slouch into one hip, or one knee, and overstress certain joints. The balance board provides a fun way to keep your body fluid, engaged, and active while getting work done at your standing desk.

The boards are great to keep kids active while doing homework or working on school projects. Kids have a lot of pent-up energy and getting them to sit and work on things can be difficult at times. Allowing them to have a little fun while “surfing” on their board while they work can be a great way to burn off some energy and have them look forward to getting their assignments done.

The whiteboards are great for reminders, taking notes, making lists, working out math problems, spelling, art. The large visual surface makes it easier for kids to digest the information, rather than using a notepad or computer screen. And of course, they’re all reusable.

Flow Cards can be great as “flash cards”, reminders around the house (refrigerator, laundry room, office), sorting ideas by color, managing projects, and lot’s of creative fun. They are magnetic so are designed to flow from all of our desktop products to another.

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