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DENVER — Our hot dry summer can cause extremely dry skin.  Medical experts say the skin on your face is especially susceptible to injury from dryness. 

Dry skin build-up can be prevented with a process called Dermaplaning.  Angel Martinez, an aesthetician with Vitahl Medical Aesthetics in Cherry Creek says many women are opting for the procedure, which involves scraping off dead skin layers with a surgical steel blade. 

Martinez explains, “Our skin has a barrier of dry skin and Dermaplaning removes that top layer so it gives you an instant glow.”

The process allows pores to breathe and promotes healthy circulation.

Martinez says healthier skin is better able to absorb beauty treatments, which can be expensive.

Many moisturizers can go to waste if they can’t be absorbed by hard dry layers of excess skin.

The Dermaplaning procedure costs about the same as  a good facial ($100) and lasts for several weeks.

 For more  information about Dermaplaning you can visit or contact Vitahl Medical Aesthetics in Cherry Creek at 303-388-7380.