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DENVER — The FOX31 Problem Solvers are trying to help a family with a medical crisis. D’Marus Brice, 12, has severe epilepsy and other special needs. He can no longer walk, eat on his own or talk. Doctors say he will die if the seizures continue.

“The doctors have come to the point where there’s nothing that they can do for him at all,” said his mother, Tesa Brice.

Brice said her son’s last hope is a medication called CBD, which is made of hash oil.

“We looked it up. We researched it and we need it,” Brice said. “That could potentially help save my son’s life.”

The only problem is CBD can be very expensive. Brice said in her son’s case, the medicine will cost about $300 to $500 per month. She said she cannot afford it.

So every week since April, D’Marus’ twin brother Domini’Q has set up on the 16th Street Mall in Denver to dance.

“Basically, I’m just dancing for my brother,” Domini’Q said. “If I didn’t have to dance for my brother, I would be at home playing video games.”

Domini’Q has never had a dance lesson. He just uses a boom box while his mother and twin brother cheer him on. The crowd seems to love him.

“When I see these people coming out here I get overwhelmed and I’m super proud of him,” Brice said.

The family has not raised enough money to start the CBD treatment yet. They have set up a GoFundMe account. ​