Woman discovers someone using her address for package delivery

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. — A woman in Fort Collins says she is having the opposite problem of people stealing packages from front porches.

With the click of a button, you can have almost anything delivered to your doorstep in a few days.

One problem though, is that packages are then subject to porch pirates — criminals who steal packages left on porches.

Angela Scalise-Kerr said that is happening to her, sort of.

“It was put in the right mailbox, but I didn’t order it,” she said.

Scalise-Kerr said someone has been shipping items through Amazon to her name and address. And it’s been going on for more than a year.

She said she didn’t realize anything was wrong until April, when she received a mystery package on her doorstep.

“I got a package delivered from Amazon and I opened it and it was an adult toy. I did not order it,” she said.

She said she called Amazon to make sure it wasn’t a gag gift because it arrived the day after her birthday.

According to Amazon policy, the company was unable to disclose the buyer because it was not purchased using Scalise-Kerr’s Amazon account.

“The customer service rep was really inappropriate about it. She’s like laughing about it and told me that I could keep it as a free gift,” she said.

The representative also told Scalise-Kerr the same Amazon account had made several shipments to “Angela Scalise-Kerr” at her address in Fort Collins.

And they were all paid for with gift cards from China.

“It’s just random stuff,” she said.

She also received an iPhone case from China two weeks ago.

“I don’t even own an iPhone,” Scalise-Kerr said.

Other shipments include baseballs, electronics and a set of kitchen knives. But Scalise-Kerr didn’t receive any of those items.

She said she is worried someone is taking the packages from her doorstep before she realizes they’re even there.

“When you think somebody’s watching your house and watching your every move, it’s a little unsettling,” she said.

In a chat message between an Amazon representative and Scalise-Kerr, the representative suggests someone stole the woman’s name and address in order to ship items into the United States, and then had the packages rerouted elsewhere once they were inside the country.

Under that scenario, it is possible the adult toy and iPhone case slipped through the cracks and were delivered by mistake after not being rerouted.

None of Scalise-Kerr’s credit card information has been used. Amazon told her the “fake” account has been flagged going forward.​

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