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DENVER — The FOX31 Problem Solvers received a desperate call for help from a woman whose sister is dying.

She’s worried that mold in her apartment is creating a dangerous environment.

Shirley Sasse said she has had respiratory problems and trouble breathing. She thinks black mold might be making her sick.

She’s also worried about her sister who also lives in the apartment at Ruby Hills Residences. She’s in the final stages of a fight against cancer.

Sasse said the staff did a good job of checking out the problem and even removed signs of mold. But she wants more to happen.

“Putting up a plastic barrier or something like that, maybe get my sister out of the apartment,” she said.

Bob Hunt of Mold Removal Express checked out the apartment.

“I’m going to see if there is any moisture content in the walls, then also I’m going to be doing some air testing,” he said.

While we were there Tuesday, a staff member arrived with some good news.

“They want to send in another mold person who can actually take care of the mold,” Sasse said.

And with multiple test results, it looks like the mold problem will soon be solved.