DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver woman called on the FOX31 Problem Solvers for help finding the engagement ring her fiancé gave her before he passed away.

Raquel Aiken went to play tennis with a friend at Washington Park last week. Before playing, she realized she had her engagement ring on and tucked it into the top compartment of her tennis bag. After playing tennis at Court 7, Aiken got back to her car on Louisiana Avenue and realized her engagement ring was gone. 

“I was heartbroken, this ring means so much more than just the ring,” Aiken said. 

Aiken’s white gold ring is custom-made with diamonds she and her fiancé Tim picked out in India. Monday is the two-year anniversary of the day he popped the question.

“We’d been together 10 years and had waited 10 years to get engaged and then he passed away from an illness last year,” Aiken said. “The ring was kind of closure to his passing and so that ring would bring back some of that closure that I’m still needing.”

Aiken hired a ring finder and she’s had friends and family out searching. Determined, not defeated, she’s now putting her faith in humanity and putting out a plea with the Problem Solvers to help find it.

“I really do still have hope,” she said. “I believe in great people, and I still do believe that if it was found that there’s a great chance that someone might come forward.”

If learning the sentimental value of the ring isn’t enough, Aiken is also offering a reward if someone finds and returns it.