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DENVER (KDVR) — New data shows a spike in early demand for vacation rentals in Colorado’s destination communities for the upcoming winter ski season.

According to Vrbo, there’s been a 45% in demand nationwide when it comes to locking down a vacation rental, compared to 2019.

“What is exciting is to see the booking pace compared to 2019, which was our strongest year. And we’re definitely significantly ahead of pace. People are looking for homes and residences to stay in. It’s just continuing from how strong of a Summer we’ve all had too,” said Robin Craigen, CEO of Moving Mountain, a vacation rental company in Steamboat Springs.

The data from Vrbo shows the most popular rentals include: homes with hot tubs, pool tables and ski-in/ski-out features.

With a 45% surge in business, Craigen says consumers should expect to pay about 10% more to book a rental this season anywhere in the state.

Which is why he suggests locking down someplace now, before demand gets even higher.

According to Vrbo, your best options might be in smaller ski areas this season.

For instance, in Winter Park; Vrbo’s data shows more than 65% of winter vacation rentals are still available.

“I would also say: don’t be afraid to look at the next tier down. The Keystones, the Copper Mountains and even some of the what we would consider ‘more localized’ ski areas like Loveland or A-Basin,” said Craigen.

Craigen says most of the popular destination communities are already seeing their bookings fill up for December. He says February and March bookings are following closely behind.