Why worker burnout is more likely in Aurora & Denver

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DENVER (KDVR) — When it comes to worker burnout, a new study shows Aurora and Denver are two of the top 25 cities in the nation where you’re more likely to experience this sort of fatigue.

The data comes from analysts at SmartAsset, who compared communities by using 12 metrics spanning three categories.

They include: work schedule, financial stress and overall health and well-being.

In Colorado, the two hot spots are Denver and Aurora.

When you factor in the top 100 cities in the nation, Aurora comes in as the 7th worst place for worker burnout and Denver is the 22nd worst.

Looking closer at the data, you’ll find Aurora actually recorded the 4th worst score for work schedule in the study, due partially to 60% of the city’s population working more than 1,750 hours per year (which makes it the 10th highest in the nation for that category), according to the data.

Clinical Psychologists at UCHealth say they’re not surprised by the results, given the top factors involved in the research.

“The other factor that really stood out to me was financial stress. We know Denver has been climbing over the last several years in terms of cost of living. So if you put those things together and those are initial factors that make a lot of sense,” said Dr. Justin Ross, a clinical psychologist at UCHealth.

Overall, the data shows workers in Aurora log an average of 39.9 hours of work per week.

Denver is actually one of six cities in the rankings where the average number of hours worked per week is equal to or exceeds 40.

To look at the data more closely, click here.

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