LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — The pandemic and national workforce shortage are still having an effect on many businesses and organizations. The United States Postal Service is no exception.

FOX31 was contacted by residents in a Lakewood neighborhood who say they are waiting for bills, election information and other mail. While others on the same block are receiving their mail as scheduled, some have waited for days.

Gary Scott told FOX31, “I am looking forward to my ballot and I haven’t seen that yet.”

Another neighbor, Erika said she wonders “am I just not getting anything today or are there important things that I’m missing.”

The Problem Solvers asked the Postal Service about the delays, and it told us it’s still dealing with staffing problems due to the pandemic and the national workforce shortage.

Currently, the greater Denver area has a need for more than 120 carriers.

A spokesperson issued a statement explaining that “when issues occur due to staffing or weather and we are not able to make a delivery– that mail is prioritized for the following day. It is a very rare circumstance for a customer to go without mail for more than 48 hours.

Erika told FOX31 she understands the reasons behind the delay.

“We appreciate the work that they are doing but it’d be great to kind of get back on that daily schedule,” she said.

Anyone experiencing a mail delay should contact their local postal station.

Customers can visit the USPS website and click on “Contact us” at the bottom of the homepage or email the Postal Service. All emails are carefully documented.

You can apply for a position on the USPS site by clicking on “Search Jobs” then selecting “Colorado” and clicking “Start.”

The USPS told FOX31 that regular service to the area is now restored.