Why have security lines at DIA been so long?

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DENVER (KDVR) — This past week, Transportation Security Administration screened more than 382,000 passengers at Denver International Airport, about 90 to 95% of pre-pandemic numbers officials say. With numbers almost reaching “normal levels,” FOX31 Problem Solvers are getting to the bottom of why lines seem so much more congested.

According to TSA officials, all 23 security lines are open and staffed at the moment. Yet, it still doesn’t seem to be enough, particularly in the mornings when airlines book their big flights all at the same time.

TSA says it has national staff temporarily filling any openings they are working to fill locally at DIA. However, the airport itself is looking to fill 1,500 openings across DIA.

“That brings us to why Pikes Peak and Mt. Elbert shuttle lots are still not open,” DIA spokesperson Alex Renteria said. “The main reason why the shuttle lots are not open right now is because of our staffing shortages.”

Each lot has about 10,000 open spots and drivers need to service the lots around the clock, requiring a lot of drivers to make it a successful service. 

“We really hope to have the shuttle lots open at the end of the year but it’s all dependent on people who can drive the shuttles.” Renteria said.

DIA is hosting a job fair Sept. 29. You can find details for it here on the Facebook invite.

DIA says they hope to bring back the ability for travelers to check line wait times online. That service was dissolved when ridership was low and budget cuts were necessary during the pandemic, according to Renteria.

In the meantime, officials suggest it is best for travelers to arrive, and be inside of DIA, two hours before their flights, domestic or international. TSA also suggests checking luggage in advance.

As for construction congestion, here is the latest information on project timelines:

Gate Expansion: https://www.flydenver.com/about/improvements/gate_expansion
Great Hall: https://www.flydenver.com/about/improvements/great_hall

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