When can we have guests over again? Mid-September, Denver’s mayor thinks

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DENVER (KDVR) — Some health officials in Colorado are optimistic we’ll be able to safely invite house guests over again as early as this summer, while other local leaders are eyeing more of a fall time frame.

It’s a question on the minds of many Coloradans right now.

“I really see early fall as a time when we’ll really start to turn that corner. I’ve always said that. I’m a little concerned because we were so far behind towards the end of the year in terms of vaccinations. But now that we’re working so hard to catch up, I really do see — I’ll say late summer, but early fall when that will begin to happen. And maybe that’s mid-September,” Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock said.

Given the current trajectory we’re on, some health leaders believe that if people continue to get vaccinated at the rate we’re going – or at a faster pace – the timeframe for having guests over again could be shorter.

“Maybe actually late June or early July potentially,” said Dr. Michelle Barron, Senior Director of Infection Prevention and Control for UCHealth. “The caveat to that is these variants don’t start unticking, that we don’t get just fed up with having to do all these things – I mean we’ve been having to do for so long”.

Barron is referring to things like social distancing and mask wearing.

“Even a 10% difference in our adherence to these measures can start to escalate spread again, especially if these variants come into play,” Barron explained.

When it comes to having live performances at Red Rocks this summer, both Mayor Hancock and Dr. Barron agreed it likely wouldn’t be a good idea, unless our COVID climate dramatically changes.

“Do you see the potential for like… shows happening at Red Rocks at all this Summer?” asked FOX31 Problem Solver Kevin Torres.

“You know what, no, not really. I mean my optimism is: I hope so!” Hancock responded. “That we expedite vaccinations, but I think it’s probably smarter to focus on next season for Red Rocks.”

“It’s just really a hard thing to manage when you have that many people. And too many variables that we still have no idea what’s going to happen,” Barron added.

As for whether friends who’ve already been vaccinated should hang out together, experts suggested the following:

If everybody has been vaccinated and they’re beyond the 14 days after their second dose – and they’re not showing any symptoms – then it’s possible.

“I think it’s probably safe, but everybody has to be on the same playing field in terms of the rules. Like you haven’t been running around with 50 other people who weren’t wearing masks — and you may have been exposed — and now you have a runny nose you’re attributing to allergies, but it’s actually legit,” Barron said.

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